What are Chinese male robes called?

Traditional Chinese clothing, known as Hanfu, encompasses a wide array of styles and designs. While the term “Hanfu” is often associated with traditional attire for both men and women, Chinese men’s robes hold a distinct charm and cultural significance all their own. In this article, we will explore the various types of Chinese Hanfu men’s robes, their unique characteristics, and the names they are known by.

  1. Changshan/Zhongshan Zhuang:
    The Changshan, also known as Zhongshan Zhuang, is a popular form of Chinese men’s robe that originated during the Qing Dynasty. This jacket-style robe features a high collar, tight cuffs, and a straight, loose-fitting shape that extends to the knees. Worn with matching pants, the Changshan is often crafted from silk or brocade and adorned with delicate embroidery, making it suitable for formal occasions and social gatherings.
  2. Beizi:
    The Beizi is a long outer garment that adds a touch of regality to a man’s Hanfu ensemble. It typically features loose sleeves and falls below the knees, providing ample coverage and an elegant silhouette. The Beizi is often made of luxurious fabrics such as silk or brocade, and its exquisite detailing, including embroidery or woven patterns, makes it a remarkable option for ceremonial events and special occasions.
  3. Jiaoling Youren Pao:
    The Jiaoling Youren Pao is a unique type of Chinese men’s robe that originated during the Han Dynasty. It is characterized by a high collar, wide sleeves, and a cross-collared front. This robe tapers towards the hem and is often secured with a waist tie. Traditionally made of silk, the Jiaoling Youren Pao exudes a sense of refinement and is suitable for various formal and semi-formal occasions.
  4. Ruqun:
    While commonly associated with women’s Hanfu, the Ruqun style also has variations for men. The men’s Ruqun consists of a Shan (robe) and a Qun (skirt). The Shan can be a round-collared, straight-sleeved garment, while the Qun is typically a long pleated skirt. The Ruqun style for men offers a more relaxed and comfortable fit, making it suitable for everyday wear and informal occasions.

Chinese men’s robes in Hanfu fashion offer a fascinating glimpse into the rich heritage of Chinese traditional clothing. From the refined elegance of the Changshan and Beizi to the unique charm of the Jiaoling Youren Pao and the versatility of the Ruqun, these robes combine intricate designs, exquisite fabrics, and cultural symbolism. Whether for formal ceremonies, cultural events, or day-to-day wear, Chinese men’s Hanfu robes provide a captivating blend of style, tradition, and historical significance, allowing wearers to embrace the grace and allure of Chinese culture.

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