can foreigners wear hanfu

As a traditional Chinese costume, Hanfu not only gives us more classical atmosphere, but also perfectly integrates with the temperament of oriental people. Can foreigners wear Hanfu? Of course you can wear it. Hanfu is not only for Chinese people, no matter what country, as long as Hanfu lovers can wear Hanfu. Foreigners like to wear Hanfu just like Chinese people wear clothes of foreigners.

What kind of Hanfu is suitable for foreigners to wear?

The wearing of Hanfu by foreigners is not limited to the style of Hanfu. It is suitable for wearing Hanfu of various dynasties, various types and colors, such as Hanfu of Tang Dynasty, Hanfu of Song Dynasty, Hanfu of Ming Dynasty and Hanfu of Wei and Jin Dynasties. You can admire the Hanfu worn by this Hanfu lover below. The hair color of this foreign Hanfu lover is light yellow. Naturally, it is difficult to combine it with the more classical Hanfu, and the sense of disobedience will be heavier. For example, the restored style of the Tang Dynasty, or the loose and elegant Hanfu design of the Wei and Jin Dynasties, although it may be beautiful to wear, it still seems to be missing something.

When should foreigners wear Hanfu?

There is no time or place restrictions for foreigners to wear Hanfu, and they can wear it as they like. According to the seasons, Hanfu is divided into spring Hanfu, summer Hanfu, autumn Hanfu, and winter Hanfu, which correspond to the seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter respectively. In addition, Hanfu is very suitable for wearing Hanfu during the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Christmas in China. For example, the following foreign Hanfu lovers wear Chinese Hanfu during the Spring Festival.

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