What are the common black Hanfu dresses?

The Hanfu, a traditional Chinese dress that dates back over 3,000 years, continues to captivate the world with its timeless beauty and cultural significance. While often associated with a striking variety of vibrant colors, the black Hanfu dress embodies a unique and elegant charm. In this article, we will explore the captivating world of black Hanfu dresses, providing a detailed overview of various types and their distinct characteristics.

  1. Ruqun (襦裙):

The Ruqun is a classic and versatile style that consists of a top and a skirt. When it comes to black Hanfu dresses, the Ruqun is known for its sleek elegance. The top is tailored with a high waistline, flowing sleeves, and exquisite embroidery, while the long skirt gives a graceful and slender silhouette. Whether adorned with intricate patterns or simple designs, a black Ruqun exudes an air of sophistication.

  1. Zhongyi (中衣):

The Zhongyi represents a more modest variant of the traditional Hanfu dress. It consists of a long top and skirt, often worn with an additional coat or jacket. When rendered in black, this style encapsulates an aura of subtlety and refinement. With delicate embroidery and subtle embellishments, a black Zhongyi exudes understated sophistication.

  1. Aoqun (袄裙):

The Aoqun is a unique Hanfu dress style that combines both the eastern and western design elements. It features a long outer robe, which resembles a jacket, over a lengthier skirt. A black Aoqun showcases a fusion of cultures, combining the timeless elegance of Hanfu with a modern feel. Embroidered patterns and tassel accents enhance the dress’s overall allure, creating a stunning and distinctive befitting an evening event or special occasion.

  1. Beizi (褙子):

The Beizi is a sleeveless outer garment commonly worn over other Hanfu dresses. Black Beizi dresses, whether intricately decorated or adorned with minimalist patterns, serve as an exceptional layering piece, allowing for customization and personal expression. Whether paired with a vibrant inner dress or another black Hanfu, a Beizi adds depth and sophistication to any ensemble.

  1. Quju (曲裾):

The Quju emphasizes a distinctive asymmetrical design with a lower right-piece extending longer than the left piece. This asymmetry creates an exquisite flowing effect when walking. In black, the Quju dress showcases a strong contrast between light and dark, emphasizing the dress’s unique shape and the wearer’s graceful movements. Whether worn casually or for a special occasion, the Quju adds an avant-garde touch to any outfit.


While Hanfu dresses come in a breathtaking range of colors, black Hanfu dresses hold a special allure for those seeking to make an understated and elegant fashion statement. The various types discussed above, including Ruqun, Zhongyi, Aoqun, Beizi, and Quju, embody the essence of Hanfu’s timeless beauty and cultural heritage. Whether adorned with intricate embroidery or minimalist designs, black Hanfu dresses exude sophistication, allowing wearers to embody an air of grace and enchantment that transcends time.

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