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Chinese Hanfu

ancient Chinese clothing hanfu

Hanfu, or traditional Chinese clothing, has a rich history spanning over two thousand years. It originated during the Han Dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE) and was widely popularized during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE). Hanfu is characterized by its intricate designs, elegant tailoring, and use of luxurious fabric materials. The basic components of Hanfu are the Yi (衣), a long gown or robe worn… Read More »ancient Chinese clothing hanfu

Chinese Hanfu

What are the styles of Chinese Hanfu?

There are many styles of Chinese Hanfu, each with its unique characteristics and history. Here are some of the most popular types of Chinese Hanfu: Zhongshan Zhuang: A style influenced by modern Western suits, often worn by men for formal occasions. Tang Zhuang: Inspired by the Tang Dynasty era, this style features a straight-cut robe with wide sleeves and a broad collar. Song Zhuang: Influenced… Read More »What are the styles of Chinese Hanfu?

can foreigners wear hanfu

As a traditional Chinese costume, Hanfu not only gives us more classical atmosphere, but also perfectly integrates with the temperament of oriental people. Can foreigners wear Hanfu? Of course you can wear it. Hanfu is not only for Chinese people, no matter what country, as long as Hanfu lovers can wear Hanfu. Foreigners like to wear Hanfu just like Chinese people wear clothes of foreigners.… Read More »can foreigners wear hanfu

when are hanfu worn?

Hanfu is a traditional Chinese dress that can be worn at any time. In modern society, Hanfu is usually worn on holidays, such as the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas and school opening days, festivals to worship Confucius, and other holidays. But Hanfu lovers wear Hanfu every day, not only on holidays because they like Chinese Hanfu culture. The following… Read More »when are hanfu worn?

What are the types of traditional Chinese clothing Hanfu?

There are many common types of Chinese traditional costumes. Han costumes can be divided into Wei Jin Han costumes, Song Han costumes, Tang Han costumes, and Ming Han costumes according to the dynasties. According to the style of Han clothing, it can be divided into Ru skirt, jacket skirt, horse face skirt, chest length Ru skirt, half arm skirt, etc. The following details the characteristics… Read More »What are the types of traditional Chinese clothing Hanfu?